Why Use Professional Office Relocation & Reorganization Services?

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Professional Office Relocation Services By CUBICLEWORLD.COM

Office Moving & Relocation Services Houston, Baytown, Galveston, Woodlands, Katy TexasFirst itemize and assess the items that need to be packed.
Like Jerry noted in the video, we rent the moving crates that we use to move your office materials. To streamline the associated costs, we have to carefully itemize the items that need to be packed in order to determine the number and the sizes of the crates that you will need.

Assess the logistical conditions in both buildings before scheduling the move.
We have to survey freight elevators and loading docks in both the building your currently occupy and the building to which you are moving. It is essential, also, to understand the rules both buildings have in place that regulate building access during and after normal business hours. If one building or the other prohibits access on a certain day of the week, or during certain times of the day, we will have to schedule the move on a day and at a time that will work in both locations.

Determine how to disassemble and safely move furniture pieces.
Most of your office furniture and cubicle systems will need to be partly, if not completely, disassembled during your office relocation. The cost of packing and moving these pieces depends on the types of cubicles and furniture you have in your reception, conference room, collaborative spaces, and private offices.

This process needs to be thoroughly thought out and planned so that we can move your furnishings undamaged to your new office.

Determine how to move computers, phones, and copiers.
You will get a lot of calls during this time from IT support companies, phone system vendors, and copier support companies. These people will tell you that sensitive technology needs to be moved by experts in that particular field.

While we agree with this in principle, we recommend that you first hire a Cubiture to oversee the activities of these specialists and to control the costs associated with their services. Then, he or she can subcontract the best and most cost effective experts in phones, computers, and copiers in order to streamline your technology move into the process of your entire office relocation service.

Develop a detailed space plan for the new office.
Once the breakdown of furniture has been planned, and once we have determined how best to pack and move your technology, the final step is the development of a detailed office space plan for your new location. It is one thing to take things apart. It is another to put them back together in a functional whole. An office space plan takes this one step further. It actually shows us how to reassemble your workstations in a new space with an entirely new floor plan.

Our goal is to make your office a better space even if it is not a physically larger space.

Determine if insurance is needed.
We are bonded at 2 million dollars on our end. However, like Jerry says in the video, you have the option of purchasing added coverage for furniture, art, supplies, or equipment that hold an exceptionally high value.
These options can be fully explored with your office move coordinator.

How to scale office relocation costs to budget.
If you understand the basic logistics of your upcoming move, you can develop your own timeline for each of the major steps discussed in this article. Your Cubiture move coordinator can then consult with you on a per hour, as-needed basis to handle the details of your packing, transport, insurance, technology, and space planning requirements.

While this is a cost-per hour, cost per staff member service, you can still control this cost by thinking logically and systematically, and by working with your Cubiture consultant to keep your office relocation focused, organized, and on time in each step of our process.

Call Us For A FREE Office Furniture Relocation Quote 713-412-3090.
Visit Our Office Cubicle Warehouse Located At 11050 West Little York, Bldg J, Houston TX