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Ergonomic chairs factor heavily into the value of production labor.
It is a fact that comfortable employees work more effectively for longer periods of time than uncomfortable employees. The most important components of an ergonomic work space are your office chairs. Uncomfortable chairs will exacerbate existing pains in the lower back and upper legs. Chairs that are too posh can often create feelings of fatigue that cause workers to lose their focus on important tasks. Chairs that are difficult to maneuver can cause many employees to constantly get up from their station and break the consistency of their work flow in the process.

An ergonomic chair feels comfortable without putting you to sleep.
It is engineered to support your lower back, upper back, neck and shoulders to keep you upright, alert, and more awake throughout the day. It offers proper positioning for your arms in order to keep your wrists straight and minimize the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome. The superb design of our ergonomic office chairs often lead many people to believe they are too expensive.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Making the wrong assumptions about price can cost your business thousands of dollars.
As Jerry notes in our video, the average big box store sells office chairs at price point ranging from $50 to $300. Many businesses are surprised to learn that we sell our ergonomic chairs within the same price range. These chairs feature superior structural components and much better warranties that many competing models you buy in the store. Some even come with lifetime replacement warranties.

Don’t think you have to go to a store to try a chair out. We have a huge selection in our showroom.
The major selling point for chairs in big box stores is the opportunity for customers to sit in them and try them out. While many are comfortable, and may even have a few ergonomic elements integral to their design, most of these chairs are only rated for a 3-5 hour work day.

On the other hand, our ergonomic chairs are rated for an 8-hour work day. Each component is engineered to contribute to an overall ergonomic experience. You can stop by our showroom before or after your visit to a big box store and you will immediately feel the difference.

Don’t waste money on chairs that you will not feel good sitting in. Invest wisely in office chairs designed to make sitting in the office one of the best parts of your day.

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