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Commercial Filing Systems for sale in Pasadena Texas, Baytown, Tx.Filing system prices versus true value.
Many big box stores offer file cabinets that appear to be very inexpensive when you consider only the price tag. However, the true cost of a filing system is not determined by the number on the tag alone. In a commercial lease, the value of your filing systems is determined by calculating the square footage cost of the space they occupy and the filing inches of your systems. You then divide the number of filing inches by the system’s square footage cost to determine how much you actually pay for each inch of filing in your system.

Like Jerry mentions in the video, your average vertical file cabinet offers approximately 100 filing inches. A high density filing system can increase this to as much as 5,000 filing inches.

Over the years, we have encountered many businesses who were paying as much as 7dollars per filing inch. We typically are able to lower this cost to $1.50-$1.00 per filing inch with a high density filing system.

High density filing is ideal for small storage rooms.
High density filing systems utilize your vertical cube while simultaneously conserving your floor space. These systems typically have shelving that moves on tracks so you can open or close the system at the desired point of access. This lets you create “aisle space” between the shelves when you need to access a file or introduce new documents to the system. Keeping the rest of the system closed keeps the entire assembly sufficiently compact to handle all of your filing needs within the confines of one small room or area in your suite.

Filing systems are built for specific applications.
If you are in the medical field, we represent a number of manufacturers that make high density filing specifically more health care facilities. These systems are built with locking mechanisms that keep you in compliance with laws that regulate the privacy of patient information. We can quickly locate the best system for you by visiting your office, taking some measurements, and gaining a basic understanding of your medical practice. Then we can find you the right products—some of which even come with lifetime warranties.

Floor load is an important consideration if your office is located on the second floor or higher.
Filing systems can become very heavy over time. One of the things our design consultants do is calculated the anticipated pounds per square footage that a particular system will place on your floor. We don’t want to put more weight on a particular floor than it can safely support. Luckily, we have almost 30 years of experience in filing and storage configurations, so we can figure out a way to get your data organized within weight limits proper to your particular office environment.

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