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Reception cubicles are some of the most vital office furnishings you can purchase.  They set the tone for the décor of your entire office environment.  Clients based their first impression of you on what they see when they enter your reception area.  It is vitally important that you create the right atmosphere with cubicles that exemplify your corporate culture to the surrounding business community.  It is equally important as well that your front desk area is designed to fully support your receptionist(s) to fulfill whatever customer service requirements are needed when clients walk in.

Cubicle World’s space planning service allows you to customize your reception center into any configuration needed to support the workflow of your front desk staff.  We have straight desks, L-shaped workstations, and U-shaped reception cubicles. We can help you choose the best shape and size of the desk-based upon the square footage of your lobby.  Many of our customers, such as those in the healthcare industry, require reception cubicles designed for multiple persons.  We can build these for you based upon your workflow requirements.  Our space planners will determine just how much desk space each administrator needs.  We can help you get the most out of your square footage by integrating into your reception cubicle filing and storage systems advanced LED lighting and powered connections for computers and peripherals.  Unique shapes like “L’s” or “U’s” allow us to give each admin sufficient desk space while simultaneously conserving floor space.

Our space planners can also help you determine the proper heights for your reception cubicle panels.  Typically, panels range from 36 inches to 65 inches in height.  In many business environments, such as medical offices, it is necessary to screen certain parts of the desk from the customer view.  In teaming reception centers, individual employees may need privacy screens between their respective desk areas.  Cubicle World’s space designers base these partition types and heights on what your workers need to get the job done.  

Many of these customizations can be ordered from manufacturers that we represent.  However, if your workflow requirements require something truly unique, we can also build your reception cubicles in our factory here in Northwest Houston.  We have an abundance of laminates and veneers that we can use to build your reception cubicle panels.  We also have fabrics and soundproofing materials to use for building your panels.  We can also build panels out of glass or install glass inserts to serve as windows.  One of the key advantages of working with our space planners is that you do not need to pick a factory or a particular manufacturer to get what you need.

We take your workflow requirements and your available budget and create a design that will work profitably for your company.  We find either the right manufacturer or the right materials so that you can afford what we recommend.  Space planning is a free service we offer to every customer who comes through our door.  We believe in making things work for our customers on the ergonomic level and the aesthetic level.  Not only will your new reception cubicles look great, but they will feel great for your staff and create a whole new synergy for your organization that will be felt throughout the office. 

Reception Cubicles – Free Quote – 713-412-3090

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