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Cubicle World is an office furniture and cubicle manufacturing company that provides office furniture and services to companies that are moving upgrading or expanding. Our goal when designing office furniture and cubicles is to listen to our clients. We want to know what they want to accomplish. The advantages of our manufacturing facility is we can service our clients and manufacture final products quickly.  

Office cubicles with sliding doors are more affordable than most people recognize. We have to learn that there are almost as many types of cubicles in the world as there are people, so it is very easy for a company like Cubicle World to create an affordable product for any office cubicle that requires a greater degree of individual privacy. Cubicle doors, like any other cubicle part, are made from a mixture of materials that range in cost from the low-end to the high-end. Choosing the right size for a sliding door, then managing its material build, is the key to keeping cubicles with sliding doors well within budget threshold for any organization.

Sales specialists who spend a great deal of time on the telephone can better concentrate on their calls because most of the office background noise is blocked by the closed door. Sliding doors also help protect the exterior of the cubicle from the sales agent’s phone communications. In areas with 5-10 reps making calls during the day, it may be required to install cubicle sliding doors on all workstations in order to stop conversations from being overheard by clients.

Many assume that cubicles with sliding doors are too expensive even to consider. This is not the case with Cubicle World. We have rolling, sliding or hinged doors that anyone can afford which we fit to 36 inch, 42 inch, and 48-inch door openings. They consist of an aluminum frame which is very easy to maneuver and the color and material of your choice.

We also have a full design team that provides customers with visualization and representations of the furniture they’re going to purchase. Our design primary goal would be to listen to the customer’s needs and be able to produce a free CAD office space layout design drawing in a timely manner. Our design capabilities include taking an idea and making it a reality for their workspace.

Cubicle World is different from other office furniture manufacturing companies in that we provide good better and best pricing, We don’t just offer one solution to a client we want to give them choices and let them make smart business decisions based on their budget and their business.

Office Cubicles With Sliding Doors – FREE Quote 713-412-3090

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