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Cubicle Dividers For Sale

Cubicle dividers can help introduce order where before confusion existed. Let’s face it: If you don’t have the different departments and cubicle pods clearly marked, people may not know where they need to go for a specific service. If a new employee, for instance, has to go to Human Services to complete new-hire paperwork, they’ll stand in the middle of a “corridor,” looking around in abject confusion. Enter the cubicle divider.

Room Dividers

Cubicle dividers can have several functions in your office. Divide one department or office from another; create a conference area; use dividers to deflect noise coming from one department.

When you order several dividers, you can create hallways or corridors and enable staff members to move around in a safe way as they go from their department to another area. By leaving a small space between dividers, you create an entryway into and out of the different departments in your office.

Let’s talk about noise. Every office with cubicles deals with ambient sound or even too much noise. Phones ringing, people talking or laughing too loudly, even crunchy snacks can contribute. Room dividers help to deflect this.

Freestanding Partitions

These dividers stand independently and can be moved as needed. Shorter dividers allow you and your managers to see across the entire office area without having your view blocked. You’ll be able to see what each department and employee are doing.

Taller dividers can also serve as announcement boards, especially if they are covered with a sturdy fabric. You, your managers and employees can attach announcements to the dividers, enabling news and upcoming events or policy changes to be disseminated company-wide. Do you need to create a temporary training area? Freestanding partitions can help you do so without adding too much cost. If this interests you, give us a call at Cubicle World.

Mobile Dividers

An even better option for meetings and training sessions – the mobile divider. By connecting several of these partitions together, you can set up a recognizable meeting or workspace.

Order several with whiteboard surfaces and others with fabric surfaces. In a work meeting or training session, these surfaces do double duty by enabling you to stick training materials on with push pins or write down important information with erasable markers. Do you plan to have several breakout sessions in your training meeting? If so, make sure to have enough mobile dividers on hand so each group has its own space to meet and work.

Partitions with Glass

You appreciate offices with attractive features as much as anyone else. Cubicle dividers don’t have to be dull and boring. In fact, if you order cubicle dividers that have simulated wood, fabric tiles, and glass panels, you’ll add a lot to the high-quality look of your office.

And if you need privacy during conferences, frosted glass panels can distort the view on the opposite side, offering confidentiality with class. Find the cubicles you need at Cubicle World and ask about cubicle dividers today.

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